Sunday, 27 February 2011

New lapis lazuli pendant - κρεμαστό με λάπις - подвеска с лазуритом

The "Third eye" pendant for my friend Anna:)

Read about lapis lazuli meaning
Διαβάστε τι λένε για το λάπις
Вот что пишут о свойствах лазурита

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Blacklady said...

i like your blog, very beautiful works.

Foteini (Svetlana) said...

thank you very much Karin!
I saw your works... they are perfect!!!

mirsini's creations said...

Hello Fotini! :)
This third eye pendant is very beautiful! I didn't know about this wonderful stone ! Now i want to buy one! Thank you for sharing your world and for the informations! :)

Foteini (Svetlana) said...

I am so glad that you like it!
Thank you for your words:)

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